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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls seem simple but are more complicated from a design and build standpoint. City standard drawings are limited and should only be used exactly as drawn and with the proper permit(s) if required. 

Pile Supported CMU wall
In progress -CMU pile supported retaining wall.jpg

Retaining walls, if built on or near a slope will usually require:

1. Soils report by a Geotechnical Engineer.

2. Topographic survey of the site.

3. Structural drawings for retaining wall (s).

4. Grading plan. 

5. Landscape and irrigation plan.

6. Erosion control plan.

7. Government agencies will have other requirements depending on the location of the project.

Photo below illustrates a 10 foot high shotcrete constructed retaining wall. 

concrete retaining wall
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