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Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Driveway on A Slope

Sloped driveways should contain keyways that anchor to subsurface material. 

concrete driveway on a slope

Stairs With an Open Riser

This outdoor staircase is highlighted with a cable reinforced safety rail that is code compliant. 

concrete stairs

Exposed Aggregate Walkway

This concrete walkway features a non slip surface.

concrete walkway

Pool Deck, Seating, and Fire Pit 

Pool deck with a concrete bench and fire pit provides a great outdoor living space. 

concrete seating

Stairs on Grade

Stairs sitting on non-expansive soils. Subsurface preparation is very important. 

B-Concrete steps completed.JPG

Finishing a New Foundation 

This new foundation has two reinforcing steel curtains. 

concrete pad for new house

Tips for a successful concrete pour:


Preparation of subsurface soils is very important, specially, if you have expansive soils.

The concrete slab should be sloped for proper drainage.

Pouring during extreme temperatures should be avoided.

During the pour, the adding of water should be kept to a minimum.

The mix design should be specified.

For a driveway, use larger aggregate. It will be less likely to crack and perform better long term.

We like to use the higher PSI special mix designs to better resist corrosive soils.

Proper reinforcing steel spacing and perimeter clearances should be a top priority.

Post pour curing is recommended for a minimum of seven days.

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