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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation settlement is often accelerated by poor site drainage and/or over watering. The photo below illustrates a deepened footing repair. The conceptual repair recommendation was to  keep water from reaching the bottom of the existing footing. A five foot deep cut off wall was designed and installed.  

Cut off wall under footing

There are 3 ways of repairing foundations without completely replacing the entire foundation system.

1. Deepened footing.

2. Push/Helical piers.

3. Pile and grade beam supported footing. 

Also, some settlement may occur by loss or gain in soil moisture. Settlement can be decelerated by improving site drainage. 


Warning signs of a failing foundation: 

1. Slab and/or wall cracks.

2. Out of plumb/cracked stem walls.

3. Problem closing and opening windows and doors. 

4. Out of level floors.  

5. Out of square separated/displaced moldings.


Tips for your perimeter foundation: 


1. Keep the soil moisture content as even as possible. 

2. Make sure pad and roof water is positively collected and transferred to the street in non-erosive drainage devices. 


3. Water should not be allowed to pond on the pad or adjacent any foundation footings. 


4. Roof gutters and area drains should be provided and kept clean and in good working order.


Jack lifting tool

Lifting foundation footing in process.

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