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Erosion Control

Temporary Erosion Control

Slopes can easily be damaged by concentrated flow patterns. Catastrophic failures can occur if the distressed slope surface is not properly protected during periods of precipitation. Placing thin plastic and/or creating concentrated flow patterns with improperly placed plastic can be disastrous. 

erosion control (2).JPG

Most serious erosion control problems are triggered by concentrated flow patterns. We like to use 10 mil plastic and other non-erosive (PVC pipes) to direct water to the street, catch basin, or storm drain, eliminating all concentrated flow patterns and impact erosion. These temporary devices can be installed in any terrain. 

Proper site drainage and irrigation control are a must in order to minimize subsurface saturation. Saturating expansive soils, along the exterior walls of the structure, can result in foundation movement and settlement from drastic wetting and drying cycles. 

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