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Ditch Construction | Ventura and Santa Barbara

We provide ditch construction services for properties located in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. We can design, plan, and construct new ditches on private, commercial, and public properties, or we can provide repairs and maintenance to existing ditches, including flood ditches, rain ditches, storm drains, flood drains, and v-ditches. No matter the level or complexity of the ditch design, we give special engineering and construction attention to each area of the build and design. Our engineering background and construction skills allow us to design and build everything from smaller scale garden ditches designed to drain small amounts of water, to more sophisticated flood control ditches designed to protect highways and farmland from flood overflows.

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Our ditch building process

We use a variety of important procedures and guidelines for all ditch related construction to ensure a safe and effective drainage solution for your project. High points of our process includes:

Properly preparing the subsurface pad prior to pouring the concrete.

Our knowledge of soil compaction and our decade of experience repairing various hillside projects has resulted in an extremely effective procedure that produces a properly compacted subsurface on every project.

We check flow lines with a laser which eliminates low spots

Eliminating low spots ensures optimal flow and drainage.

We use 3000 psi concrete

It’s common for builders to use 2500 psi concrete unless otherwise stated. We over engineer and use 3000 psi even in cases of a 2500 psi specification to ensure the most rigid and sustainable ditch construction.


Our team carefully places, ties, and ensure reinforced steel and mesh is in place, secure, and stays in place during the concrete pour - ensuring high strength, crack resistant concrete.

Careful edge construction

The edge of the v-ditch is given special attention and always excavated deeper on the upslope side to prevent water from migrating under the edge.

Post construction cleaning

Spoils are always hauled off site.

Ditch types and applications

Ditches used for draining water are sometimes called by several different names including storm drains, rain ditches, v ditches, u ditches, and numerous others. But, the goal of each ditch is similar: to control the collection, direction, and flow of water from one area to another. We are experts in ditch construction, and regardless of the size and scale of your project or requirement, we can construct a ditch for nearly any purpose or application including:

Flood ditches

Large ditches designed to drain large amounts of rainwater and other overflow. Common in public use areas, farming, and highway construction.

Rain ditches

Small ditches designed to drain light to medium amounts of rainfall from smaller areas like gardens, yards, and fields.

V ditches

Named for the V-shaped canal, v ditches are used to control and direct water out of low lying areas like fields, roadways, and other areas that could be subject to flooding.

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