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Retaining Wall Construction | Ventura and Santa Barbara

We’re a licensed engineering contractor providing retaining wall construction for projects in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. We can design, engineer, and build new retaining walls, or provide expert repairs to existing walls. Retaining walls provide an important strategy and structure within the larger scope of hillside design, management, and repair. We can build retaining walls for real world applications including erosion control, water management, architectural functions, and road, bridge, and transit features. We also recognize the concern of many communities to develop structural solutions that are also aesthetically pleasing. Our design and engineering team is skilled at creating tasteful visual structures which fit with the surrounding environment.

Our wall engineering work can be applied to projects including:

Retaining walls for erosion control

An an erosion control structure, retaining walls are able to able to stop outward pressure from soil and prevent slopes from deteriorating from erosion. Another common cause of erosion results from the uncontrolled movement of water and debris over a slope or hill. By controlling the movement of material, a retaining wall provides a predictable pattern of sediment movement which engineers can use to create a stable hillside design. Practical applications for erosion control walls include the prevention of homes and properties from sliding into nearby sloping areas such as barrancas, banks, streams, and river bottoms.

Retaining walls for water management

Drainage is a concept closely tied to erosion control and hillside design. As a result, most retaining wall designs also include an adjacent v-ditch for intelligent water management and drainage. Through careful engineering and design, the v-ditch feature is non-erosive, and works to transition water away from the slope, hill, or any physical feature which may be susceptible to erosion, and drains water into a nearby street or storm drain system. Because we also specialize in ditch engineering and construction, we’re able to facilitate all components needed for your retaining wall project.

Retaining walls for architecture and design features

Retaining walls are commonly used for purposes such as landscaping terraces, and property divisions - particularly on terraced, sloped, or hillside estates. Retaining walls are distinctly different than free standing walls because retaining walls are engineered to withstand and resist lateral pressure from soil and sediment. This strengthening and structure providing effect of retaining walls allows them to be used in functional ways that can also be very creative and aesthetically pleasing.

Retaining walls for roads and bridges

Large scale structures such as roads, bridges, highways, railroads, and other high pressure features require retaining walls to establish extremely stable structures. We can engineer, design, and build retaining wall structures suitable for transit related projects.

Retaining walls for emergency damage repair

We can provide emergency or urgent retaining wall solutions in the event of flooding or landslide. Particularly during rainy, wet, and winter weather, certain properties and roads are susceptible to damage and blockades from soil and debris. We can engineer around existing conditions to built temporary and permanent retaining wall solutions.

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