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Erosion Control | Ventura and Santa Barbara

We’re an engineering contractor and construction company specializing in erosion control projects in Ventura and Santa Barbara County. We have the engineering knowledge and construction skills to safely and effectively assess hillside and slope projects, and produce repairs that provide sustainable, long term solutions. The need for erosion control services can arise as a result of slow, natural processes like changes in soil content, rain erosion, wind erosion, or flooding, as well as man made activity including mining and construction.

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Techniques we use for erosion control:

Temporary erosion control and sediment control techniques

During an erosion control project, and in the period immediately following a slope repair or new slope construction, we use techniques to protect the landscape while it may be susceptible to erosion. These include using plastic layers to protect potentially erosive soil from wind, the use of biodegradable mats to protect bare soil while plants are established, and using hydro-seeding, straw wattles, jute mat, sandbags, and silt fencing for temporary erosion control purposes. Each project presents a unique scenario, and we use the most practical and effective temporary erosion control technique.

Slope management

Establishing slope stability involves designing and maintaining hillsides to prevent uncontrolled movement of topsoil or sediment. Through careful observations and measurements of the project site, we can analyze slope stability, then recommend and implement erosion control actions to establish slope stability.

Stormwater management

Predicting causes of erosion and removing threats to hillside features before they create erosion effects is a core concept of erosion. Water buildup and uncontrolled overflow of water running over a slope can erode a hillside. We engineer creative stormwater management solutions to protects hillsides from erosion, including flood and rain ditches, swales, drains, and other water management features, to protect your project from water based erosion.

A Valuable Service in Ventura and Santa Barbara

To manage and provide effective, sustainable erosion control requires a contractor to balance a variety of things including construction skills, knowledge of geotechnical engineering, understanding of water management philosophy and sustainable design. Coast Construction & Foundation Repair covers each facet of erosion control, and our capabilities are very valuable in the Ventura and Santa Barbara regions which contain an abundance of agricultural, coastal, and hillside properties.

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