Hillside Construction & Repairs in Ventura and Santa Barbara California

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Hillside Construction and Repairs | Ventura and Santa Barbara

We’re an expert resource for hillside related engineering, construction, and repairs, in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. Hillside construction is a critical area of any building and maintenance project. All hillside repairs should be designed by a geotechnical engineer, and any corresponding drainage devices should be designed by a civil engineer.

Part of what makes Coast Construction & Foundation Repair a unique resource is our engineering skills, and our close associations with architects, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, and structural engineers in Ventura and Santa Barbara. We’re also a licensed engineering contractor in the state of California. Access to brilliant engineering resources is a must have for critical construction projects such as hillside repairs, erosion control, retaining wall construction, slope and grading work, and other related hillside logistics. We work with clients including private and commercial land developers, energy companies, and local government.

Erosion Control

Our erosion control methods are backed by intelligent engineering, and we have extensive skills in the arena of sediment control, stabilization, slope management, stormwater management, and other slope and erosion related issues. Hillside areas are subject to disturbances from commercial projects including mining, oil drilling, construction activities, and natural processes from seasonal moisture variations to wind, rain, and seismic activity.

Our Erosion Control Work

Retaining Wall Construction

We can design and build walls for projects from garden architecture to functional retaining walls. Our walls are well engineered creations that are built with extreme attention to detail using the best available materials and construction techniques. We use the safest, most reliable, and best engineered solution for every project, whether it calls for concrete, block, stone, pin pile, timber, or any other approach.

Our Retaining Wall Work

Hillside Repairs

We can engineer hillside repair solutions for any scenario. Hillsides and slopes are naturally susceptible to the effects of human activity and nature. We can develop and implement solutions from restoring hillsides experiencing erosion from natural processes, to repairing areas that have been greatly interrupted by adjacent projects including mines, wells, transit, framing, and other developments.

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