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Foundation Repair | Ventura and Santa Barbara

We provide foundation repair services for residential, commercial, and public properties in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. We provide the full range of foundation repairs including concrete slab crack repairs, earthquake retrofitting, house underpinning, house leveling, helical pier solutions, foundation beam solutions, and a variety of other construction and engineering techniques used to restore the integrity of your property’s foundation.

Finding the source of your foundation damage

The foundation of your property connects your structure to the earth. Building and maintaining this connection is vital to the long term health and structural integrity of your property. Each property is unique and is subject to natural variables including erosion, location, and changes in the local soil - and these variables can be magnified on hillside locations. This causes each foundation to respond differently to the effects of time and weather, and compromises in the foundation can create cracks, shifts, and anomalies in the structure. These can be observed as leaning walls, cracks in concrete surfaces, and other structural issues. Our extensive engineering experience and knowledge of soil characteristics, hillside geology, and foundation behavior, allows us to identify the source of your foundation damage and build permanent repair solutions.

Extensive engineering skills

Our foundation repair service carefully assesses the source of foundation related damage, and uses the most sophisticated engineering and repair techniques to mitigate damage and create long term repair solutions to preserve your property. If you can see signs of a foundation issue or structural damage, getting it repaired as soon as possible can prevent the problem from becoming more extreme and costly. The potential long term results of foundation damage can be devastating whether your property is a private residence, commercial building, or public use space.

A trusted, licensed engineering contractor

We’re a licensed engineering contractor with extensive capabilities to repair your foundation. We have completed hundreds of foundation maintenance and repair projects over the last 15 years, and as a result of our unique skill set and experience, we have developed close associations with architects, geotechnical, and structural engineers in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. What this means for you as a property owner is your project is in the care of a trusted professional team with a deep understand of how to correct your foundation issues.

Foundation Problems

Sinking foundation

Likely cause: Soil erosion

Likely signs: This can be observed as one side of your structure sitting noticeably lower than the other, or structures can dip or convex near the center. Uneven floors are also often the product of a sinking foundation.

Foundation upheaval

Likely cause: Moisture penetration, heavy rains, plumbing leaks.

Likely signs: Foundations can shift upward, and the visual effects of this process are damage, cracks, or other irregularities isolated to the perimeter of the property.

Foundation shifting

Likely cause: Water pressure, impaction

Likely signs: A foundation which is moving laterally causes cracks and fractures that can be observed as in brick structures, walls, driveways and garage floors, and other features

Foundation failing

Likely cause: Poor soil compaction, excessive moisture content in foundation soil.

Likely signs: Doors which drag on floors or doorways, and windows that are sticking or are stuck shut can indicate an unlevel foundation.

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