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Foundation Inspections | Ventura and Santa Barbara

We provide foundation inspections for properties located in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Our foundation inspections examine your property in intense detail, building a comprehensive profile of your property and assessing its unique physical properties and condition. The results of a foundation inspection by Coast Construction & Foundation Repair is accurate report of your foundation’s condition and a recommendation for any repair work that may be required to restore it.

Points of interest for each foundation inspection

We work to examine every detail of your property during a foundation inspection. Important points that we assess includes:

Observation of topographic features.

This includes considering how the earth around your property may affect your foundation.


This involves examining adjacent hillsides and slopes may affect the condition of the foundation. We also observe what kind of effects property features such as a nearby retaining wall and wall drainage devices are having on the foundation.

Water features and drainage.

Moisture content affects the soil of a foundation. We take into account the roles of surface drains, irrigation systems, how rainfall collects around the property, if water is expelled over a slope, if yards and gardens are graded to allow water to naturally flow away from foundation footings, and other moisture related factors. We also consider seasonal factors and observe how seasonal shifts may alter the moisture content of the soil.

Slab condition.

Evaluation the concrete slab to assess its size and how it may be moving or settling. We correlate this with observations of walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows, using cracks, fractures, uneven features, and irregularities, in order to determine how the foundation may be affecting the concrete slab.


We review and examine available soil reports, and determine if soil expansion is present. We also review available grading plans, and other repair documentation to assess your foundation in the greatest possible detail.

Trusted consulting and engineering solutions

We inspect your foundation by examining all of the environmental, structural, and logistical factors that affect the condition of your foundation. What separates our inspection services is the depth of information that we collect, and our engineering prowess which allows us to interpret the data we collect with expert insight. The result of our observations and research is that you’ll have a firm understanding of the condition of your property, and we’ll present practical repair solutions that will address the core of the problem and restore the integrity of your structure.

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