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Foundation Specialist Contractor | Ventura and Santa Barbara

We’re an engineering and construction company specializing in all areas of foundation work including inspection, analysis, and repair. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to assess your foundation, understand how environmental factors affect your property, correlate how structural logistics contribute to its condition, and present professional foundation solutions that protect your asset in the short and long term. We provide foundation specialization and services for properties located in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County, we have partnerships with local engineers and architects, we have a strong engineering background which allows us guide your project with authority.

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Our Foundation Repair Work

The unique challenge of foundation repair

The foundation of any property or structure is subject to dozens of factors from soil composition and the natural physical features of the property, to the logistical planning and layout of the property and it’s exposure to moisture. This requires unique, creative, technically sound diagnostic capabilities and repair solutions in order to meet the unique scenario that is present on your property.

The importance of timely action on your foundation

If the foundation of your property is creating visible evidence of shifting, sinking, or moving, often presented as cracks, uneven surfaces, and separation of structural elements, having your property assessed and repaired as soon as possible is the safest action which will help you find the most cost effective long term solution.

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