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Coast Construction & Foundation Repair, Inc., is a California licensed engineering contractor based in Ventura, CA. We specialize in and provide a range of construction engineering services including Foundation work, Hillside work, Erosion and Stormwater management, as well as many related services and projects.

Important issues that make our company uniquely qualified to assess, manage, and produce a range of engineering based construction projects is our core engineering knowledge base and the skill our team. We are recommended by and have close associations with local geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers, and architects, allowing us to bring the highest level of knowledge and expertise to every project.

In addition to our work in Ventura and Santa Barbara, we have completed hundreds of projects in nearby areas including Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire, and San Luis Obispo.

Choosing an engineering contractor for projects such as hillside repairs, erosion control, and foundation work, brings special knowledge and skills to your project, and helps ensure the most sustainable long term result.

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