Foundation repair issues prevalent in Santa Barbara, CA

by Coast Construction & Foundation Repair

A significant amount of the homes around Santa Barbara were developed in the 1920s, and as a result, their foundations and structure greatly predate current build standards. We have inspected a great number of these homes, and each requires a retrofit.

Inspecting a 1920s era home

We recently inspected a home in the downtown area of Santa Barbara which showed the same problems we’ve observed in other homes in the area originally built around the same time. The foundation was made out of a hollow clay tile. These foundations were not intended to last for 100 years, and this home is sinking and highly susceptible to major damage from seismic activity.

The proper solution is a new foundation design

There are two possible courses of action to address this home’s foundation issues.

Short term solution - partial bracing of structure

The nature of foundation issues are that in most cases there is only one course of action guaranteed to solve the problem - complete foundation replacement. That said, there is a short term solution that can work in some cases. A partial bracing of the structure can be performed to prevent further sinking or shifting. However, because this is not an engineered solution there is no guarantee this solution will work properly, and in a worst case scenario, this can actually do more harm than doing nothing at all. Therefore, this is not our recommended solution.

Permanent solution - complete foundation reengineering and replacement

Our recommendation in this case is to put in a new foundation footing around the entire house. This would require a new foundation to be designed by a structural engineer to conform to current code requirements. Then, we would need to lift the house and install the new foundation. This is not the easy solution, but it is the responsible solution that will protect your property, your investment, and your family or residents.

Foundation Repair in Santa Barbara by Coast Foundation & Repair

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